Curriculum Vitae

Matt W. Burgan, M.A.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Phone 858.735.4069

Work History

February 2014 –May 2015: Clinical Director at A Helping Hand Counselling responsible for the supervision of interns conducting forensic groups; monitoring licensed staff for program, probation, and state compliance; report writing to the Department of Corrections, Department of Adult Probation, and the Courts, conducting risk assessments for Intimate Partner offenders and Sexual abusers, ensuring program consistency with the treatment standards for San Diego County Adult Probation relative to Intimate Partner Violence, ensuring program consistency with the rules of the California Sex Offender Management Board and the Department Of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

March 2001 – September 2015: Currently working as a group facilitator for Domestic Violence Intervention and Sex Offender Treatment. Duties include domestic violence group facilitation, assessments for individuals ordered to domestic violence intervention groups to include the Spousal Assault Risk Assessment, writing reports for probation, parole, and the courts regarding offender status, coordinating and collaborating with probation, parole, and the courts regarding offender treatment and intervention. Sex Offender treatment responsibilities include; group facilitation and individual treatment when indicated, report writing for Probation and the Courts, risk assessments, and collaborating with the Probation, Parole, and the Courts regarding offender treatment. Participated as a volunteer member of the San Diego County Stalking Treatment and Intervention Committee with duties including the composition of treatment standards for individuals convicted of domestic violence related stalking and presentations as required.

December-2010 to June-2011: worked as a mental health consultant providing child behavioural observations, assessments, and referrals for Children of the Rainbow head start. Duties consisted of providing in class observations of preschool aged children; advising teaching staff on behavioural interventions to improve the interactions of the students and the teachers; participated in staff trainings and meetings; participated in parent teacher conferences regarding behavioural and developmental concerns.

September 2007 – December 2010: Worked as a Team Coordinator administratively supervising case managers' work and command communication facilitation. Worked as a case manager for Marines, Sailors, and their families to assist in the cessation of family violence within the guidelines of the Department of Defence and the Department of the Navy. Conducts assessments of service members including screening for combat operational stress and PTSD, and their spouses which are risk based and provides treatment recommendations to commands. Monitored service members and spouses relative to the completion of treatment and intervention recommendations and reports to commands to include collaborating with Health and Human Services, Child Welfare Services to assist in the coordination of services with command. Conducted psychotherapy for service members relative to combat and operational stress, marital discord, phase of life issues, and adaption to military life. Administratively supervised four licensed clinicians relative to ensuring timely delivery of services, assessment and treatment protocols compliance, clinical case staffing, new programs development, participation in staff reviews and disciplinary actions, and coordinating and conducting trainings for senior level officers and enlisted Marine Corps and Navy personnel.

August 1999-April 2002: Worked as the program coordinator for North County Lifeline's Domestic Violence Intervention Program. Duties included; conducting intake, assessment, and group facilitation for both men and women, monitoring continuing education and supervision requirements for the group facilitators, and report program compliance to the courts and probation. Assisted in the development of a stalker intervention and treatment program with the San Diego District Attorney's Office, the Department of Probation, and other community service agencies. Attended monthly meetings of the Domestic Violence Treatment and Intervention Committee of San Diego County, a subcommittee of the San Diego Domestic Violence Counsel, which serves to monitor quality of care and implement new treatment protocols for domestic violence offenders. Participated in the 2002 revision of Treatment Standards for Domestic Violence Offender treatment. Supervised the Vista and Encinitas Juvenile Justice Centre programs for first time youth offenders collaborating with the San Diego County Sheriff's Department, recruiting and monitoring panel member volunteers, and managing panel hearings. Supervised the Breaking Cycles program. Duties included; hiring counselling staff for off-site counselling services, conducted staff performance evaluations and disciplinary actions, maintained budget compliance, maintained contract compliance, attended state and probation audits for contract compliance, and attended meetings with probation and other community service agencies. Assisted the counselling director in interviewing and orienting new interns to North County lifeline's counselling component. Conducted psycho-educational groups for probation and school referred youth in the areas of gang diversion, conflict management, and alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs awareness.

September 1996-September 1997: Worked as a undergraduate assistant for Dr. Robert McGivern (San Diego State University) in an advanced clinical university laboratory, which included making cannulas, cannulaitons, profusions, and radioimmunoassays in the context of current neuroendocrine research on laboratory animals; similar to published research in Neuropsychology (1997). Assisted in the development and maintenance of database and statistical analysis using SysStat.

1997: B.A. Psychology, San Diego State University, San Diego, California

2000: M.A. Counseling Psychology, National University, San Diego, California

Related Experience
2002: Presenter at the 7th International Conference on Family Violence, topic Treatment for Domestic Violence related Stalking.

1996: Internship at the Hebrew Home of San Diego. Interaction, assessment, and charting of elder patients.

1996: Internship at the San Diego Corner Clubhouse. Interaction, assessment, and summarization of chronically mentally ill patients.